Neely River Trading Course by Glenn Neely
Which markets should you trade? When should you enter? When should you exit? Uncertainty in the trading process costs you time and money!

Learn a trading approach that is CLEAR, LOGICAL & PROFITABLE.

You can have clarity at every step in any trading environment. It's true! You just need a different approach.
You can learn this different approach to trading in the NEELY RIVER Professional Trading course.

12-Week Course / US $1,195 (Large Group)

Could you use a trading approach that is clear, logical, and profitable?

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Learn how to enter and exit markets – with less stress and more confidence!

Specifically, during your 1-hour-per-week course, you will learn:

  1. How to objectively select stocks worth investing in. (Most stocks are a waste of time.)

  2. How to objectively time entries to get the best risk/reward ratio.

  3. How to objectively manage profits and losses to exit losers quickly and hold onto your winners.

  4. How to implement Option strategies to leverage your returns without increasing your risk exposure.

  5. How to remove emotion from the trading process to reduce stress and increase returns.

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You'll learn HOW to trade without forecasting

This is not a course on fundamental forecasting.
This is a course on Glenn Neely's fundamental trading technology.

About the class:

Successful trading is not as easy as most think. The majority assume accurate forecasting is the only requirement for successful trading – the truth is far more complex.

Neely River Trading technology (The Professional Trading Course) introduces you to an entirely new way of thinking about and investing in markets. It's a revolutionary trading technology that is based on current market behavior and conditions NOT Wave analysis or anticipation of the future.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to objectively determine a market's trend, unemotionally determine when and where to enter a market using a proven analytic approach (not based on forecasts), and apply risk management strategies to calmly manage profits and losses.

You'll learn to make logical & objective trading decisions:

  • Objectively determine a market's trend (without forecasting)

  • Let the market dictate entry points

  • Control risk on entry

  • Manage positions objectively after entry

  • Quickly exit losing positions AND learn to let your winning positions accumulate profits

  • Achieve a better than 3-to-1 profit-to-loss ratio over time

  • Learn about the benefits of Options trading, an important "tool in the tool bag" for professional traders

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What you get with The Professional Trading Course

3-month course logistics:

  • Each 1-hour class in this 12-week course is personally taught by Glenn Neely, NEoWave founder and Elliott Wave forecasting expert.

  • Each class is live and delivered online via a conference call with screen-sharing technology. All details to join the class will be provided.

  • Time is allowed during each class for questions.

  • Includes FREE TRIAL of the Neely River Trading (NRT) software for a limited time.


  • This course is for all levels of traders. Beginners and experienced traders are welcome.

  • You will be using TradeStation 10

  • MINIMUM Requirements: Windows 10, Dual Core Processor at least 2.5 Ghz and at least 8Gb RAM

3-month course schedule:

  • In your FIRST MONTH: fundamentally alter the way you think about markets, the way you analyze them. Neely River divides the activity of market participants into three primary groups (top and bottom pickers, bargain hunters and trend followers) and allows you to determine which group is in control of a trend at any point in time.

  • In your SECOND MONTH: training shifts from the theoretical to the use of real-time charts. On a paper-trading (simulated) basis, you will get practice with how and when to enter a market safely, objectively, how to control risk, place and move stops - all based on which group is in charge of the current trend. This process is designed to make you comfortable with your new knowledge and remove the emotions people typically experience during trading.

  • In your THIRD MONTH: we shift to "real-time, hands-on” trading where you will be taking trades in the markets of your choice. Mr. Neely will be there to make sure you are doing things correctly and not missing anything. Mr. Neely will introduce the basics of prudent money management and risk control. Through regular practice and guidance, by the end of your third month, you should be ready to go out on your own.

If you would like more information on the THE PROFESSIONAL TRADING COURSE, please contact us.

The large-group training course includes a FREE TRIAL of the Neely River Trading software

  • The NRT software plots Neely River details right on the charts - it automatically calculates, plots, and draws all decision-based information.

  • The NRT software leaves you free to focus on what's important: your trading strategies and results.

  • The NRT software is created for TradeStation®

  • You'll get a trial for some period of time during the course and have the option to purchase a yearly subscription.


I am writing to wholeheartedly thank you for the invaluable guidance and training you have provided me in the Neely River Trading course. Your mentorship has been a cornerstone in my journey, illuminating the complexities of these techniques with your expertise and insight. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for your time, patience, and invaluable insights.

– Pawan Pawar

I made 57% profit November through November. That's in great part thanks to what I learned in the Neely River Trading course, along with my own entry and exit point strategies. A big thank you to Glenn Neely!

– Johan Vogt

Glenn, thank you for teaching us Neely River Trading. Learning NRT has been an enriching experience. I really appreciate you taking time to teach this course and putting in so much effort. I have put in a lot of effort to learn various trading methods, however, nothing comes close to NRT. It's scientific and non-emotional. Thank you once again.

– Milind Gulavani

I have just completed Glenn Neely's Professional Trading Course and learned how to use his Neely River Trading technology. I have been applying NRT to trading spot FOREX pairs. All my positions are 'in the money'! Soon, I'll go to ETFs on TradeStation!

– Vladislav P.

Since learning Neely River Trading theory with Glenn Neely, my trading has improved massively. Using Neely River, I now trade with less pressure. Also, I'm continuing to learn more about trading Options.

– T.W.
United Kingdom

Glenn, I just wanted to thank you for your classes and for sharing your knowledge. Neely River Trading technology is giving me some superb results. And the more I use the NRT TradeStation software the better it all works.

– Thomas Heytens

It is again my pleasure to be a part of your current course on Neely River Trading technology. Previously, I had attended your Neely River course in 2018. Neely River has helped me immensely to control my risks after entering and 'losing like a winner' even if the trade went against me.

– Abhijeet Durge

Glenn, I have been attending your classes for nearly two years non-stop and have made significant progress every month. In fact, last night the light finally came on regarding the importance of your vector analysis. Even though I have watched you use this strategy repeatedly I never understood its vital importance. I back-tested a number of my trades from this year and could see where I made obvious mistakes in light of the vector-type analysis. Now I get it!

– Rich Oldham
United States

I'm enjoying using Neely River Trading, and my trading skills have improved immensely. Also, the NRT companion TradeStation software works perfectly. It's a masterpiece. I have no issues with the current software version, but I am very excited to receive the new, updated version.

– Sola Pho

For 40 years, my goal has been to find a system that can make me money in the share market in a structured manner. My results have been mostly poor. Immediately before Glenn Neely's Neely River Trading technology course, I was up 55% one month and down 25% the next. The random nature and lack of control warned me that I could lose my capital again. Neely River has revolutionized my whole approach to shares and options. I am much more excited by Vertical spreads where I make solid continual returns of over 10% per month on average. When the market drops and my positions remain flat or even go up, I sleep better. The sophistication of Neely River is profound. Glenn, you are a magnificent teacher and mentor. Your generosity in running your courses and the patience you give to all students is inspirational. I am eager to continue to learn from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Bruce S. Davis


To start, e-mail or USA residents can call 1-800-636-9283, Ext. 2.

Non-USA residents, please dial 949-480-7401
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