Glenn Neely explains "WAR of the WAVES"

Along with an in-depth discussion on this critical topic: Where is the market heading?

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In this 26-minute discussion with Glenn Neely, you'll view multiple NEoWave forecasting charts and hear enlightening explanations about current and historic market conditions. Plus, you'll find out exactly what to expect from the market in the next 5 to 10 years.

Get answers to these questions:

  1. Why did Glenn Neely declare "WAR of the WAVES"?
    (Advanced NEoWave versus orthodox Elliott Wave)
  2. Why is Glenn Neely the lone wolf with a long-term bullish forecast while orthodox Elliott Wave analysts are "end-of-the-word" bearish?
  3. How does the market's current performance – and Wave forecasting – compare to the crash low of 1987?
  4. Where is the market heading in the next 5 years?
  5. What can we expect from the market in 6-10 years?
  6. Which trading approach should you use: trend-following or top-and-bottom?
  7. BEST OF ALL: Why are the next 5 years of "rollercoaster" market activity – with violent price action – prime for profitable trading?

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