Elliott Wave

by Glenn Neely

A must-read revolutionary book that changed Wave theory forever. Mastering Elliott Wave presents the first, scientific, step-by-step approach to Wave analysis ever devised.

Mastering Elliott Wave book by Glenn Neely
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In Mastering Elliott Wave, Glenn Neely presents his revolutionary approach to Wave theory and techniques to objectively analyze market conditions. In the book, Glenn Neely reveals his exceptionally logical, objective, and scientific method to accurately conduct Wave analysis. Step-by-step, you will learn his Wave forecasting process.

Now known as NEoWave, Glenn Neely's forecasting approach goes well beyond R.N. Elliott's original Wave theory. Consequently, Mr. Neely is internationally recognized for his breakthrough advancements. Considered a must-have classic, Mastering Elliott Wave has been the number-one Best Selling Book from the publisher, Windsor Books, for more than 30 years!

Where do you start a chart, how do you organize charts, and how do you plot price action?

Are you plagued with these questions?
These questions kept Mr. Neely searching for answers too.

With enough time, he was able to reduce Wave theory to a scientific approach where all market action could be explained and most future action could be anticipated. And by eliminating any subjectivity in the analysis process, his approach allows rational, logical trading decisions to prevail. Read Mr. Neely's book for a step-by-step approach to his Wave forecasting methodology.
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5-Star Reviews from Readers

Made 6-figures from March to October 2020 using NEoWave (aka, MEW)!
Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2020

I owe much of my wealth to my first purchase of MEW back in 1991. There is no better general market forecasting method. It's brilliant. I think it's more brilliant now than even before I retired, because I don't second guess it as I did in the past. Glenn Neely still rocks!
D. Schiarra

For the advanced Elliott Wave User... just what I was looking for
Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2020

This book is incredibly deep and as people said needs to be digested in smaller parts since it contains so much information. If you use Elliott Wave and are looking for more advanced methods, this is the book for you. I'm looking forward to implementing all the rules in this book in my trading.
J. Rico

Best book on Elliot wave
Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2019

This is the best book on Elliott Wave I've ever read. It explains all possible patterns in depth, and provides lots of new concepts on Elliott Wave that I never knew. You definitely have to read more then once. Every time you read it, you understand a lot more.
D. Vu

From the Publisher

Windsor Books

Mastering Elliott Wave has been translated into 5 languages, with tens of thousands of copies sold.

It is a bestseller in the financial realm, especially on the topic of Elliott Wave.

It is Windsor Books' bestselling book ever!
(And they've been selling financial books for over 50 years!)

Glenn Neely author of Mastering Elliott Wave

Glenn Neely

Author of Mastering Elliott Wave

Glenn Neely read about the Elliott Wave principle in 1982 and was fascinated by its implications. Since then, he has devoted his career to mastering Elliott Wave. In fact, his revolutionary NEoWave technology is the result of his decades-long commitment to perfecting Wave analysis and forecasting.

In 1990, he published his advanced technologies in Mastering Elliott Wave, where he presents, step by step, his scientific method of Wave forecasting.

Mr. Neely continues to teach courses in advanced Elliott Wave. Other services include his NEoWave Forecasting service (real-time charts and wave analysis based on Glenn Neely's NEoWave) and his NEoWave Trading service (his trading recommendations derived from Neely River Trading technnology.)

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Mastering Elliott Wave
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