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1. TRADING Service

Get precise trading recommendations, with a focus on effective trades and risk control. Ideal for traders who want expert guidance and busy professionals (including money managers and brokers) who don't have time to design their own trading strategies.

You'll receive 2 weeks of trading updates for the S&P, Gold, Euro, and T-Notes on the same schedule as subscribers.


Learn to apply Elliott and NEoWave concepts to real-time price charts. Gain a unique and useful perspective on market behavior to improve your own market analysis.

You'll receive 2 weeks of NEoWave forecasts, plus Glenn Neely's insightful analysis, for the S&P, Gold, Euro, and T-Notes on the same schedule as subscribers.

3. Additional alerts and advice

During your 2-week Trial subscription, you'll receive all NEoWave emergency alerts and instructions released during that timeframe.

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"I'm a trial subscriber and so far am very pleased with your service -- I'm already making money from your letters! I tried trading with traditional Elliott Wave for some time, but there are always too many possibilities and no one seems to agree on one direction to take. I'm definitely going to sign up for the subscription."
- Jan Söderholm

"I am a new subscriber to your service. I have been trading professionally for 10 years and have never before seen the accuracy that your service provides. I was skeptical at first, but after watching your readings over the past few weeks prove true, I now comfortably refer your service to others."
- Scott Mason
United States

"I had always wrestled with figuring out where to place opposite side Stop orders. I have been unsuccessful regardless of the method used. On the other hand, your service gives me much greater confidence in placing Stop orders, because you provide specific entry prices along with corresponding Stops. I am a new subscriber and hope to be a subscriber for a long time."
- Eric O.
United States

"You continue to protect people with your insight, courage, and brilliance!"
- Robert Kelly
United States

"Glenn, you are one amazing analyst."
- Gary Lampman
United States

"I love your service. I am very pleased with it in comparison to [another Elliott Wave company]. This is much more relevant to trading, rather than the finer points of wave analysis. Your updates are very close to perfection."
- Dr. Barbara Massette
United States

"Since I started interacting with you via The Neely River Trading class, my trading and understanding of the market has improved by leaps and bounds. I now trade with supreme confidence and not overconfidence. Also, after interacting with you in your River classes, I feel that I have wasted a lot of money in taking classes from others. I now know the difference between gold (NEoWave) and scrap."
- Manish Bahl