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4/17/2020 - NEoWave Staff

WHERE IS THE MARKET HEADING? Glenn Neely is BULLISH! (See his forecast)

NOTE: We are sharing Glenn Neely's Monthly S&P Forecast and Long-Term S&P forecast, released to NEoWave Forecasting service subscribers on April 5, 2020. "This is my MOST important forecast and market update in 12 years," Mr. Neely says. "In fact, this could turn out to be my most important prediction since the predicted crash in 2008-09."

If you are concerned about successful trading and Wave forecasting in this historic environment - due to the coronavirus pandemic - take a moment to study these forecasting charts. You'll see Mr. Neely's BULLISH outlook and how well it has gone so far!

NEoWave's Glenn Neely turned bullish after the S&P low in March. In fact, he is probably the ONLY Elliott Wave analyst in the world to do so. 
On Sunday, April 5, 2020, Mr. Neely released TWO exceptional forecasts for the S&P 500:
  • Monthly chart, see below
  • Long-Term chart (1/2-yearly), see below
It's important to note that Glenn Neely's Monthly chart was predicting the low AS it was happening.
The purple dashed line has projected the entire rally so far. The green line may take over soon. (View the Monthly chart below.) And keep in mind, the Long-Term chart (1/2-yearly) predicts market action for the next 5-6 YEARS. (View the Long-Term chart below.)

Glenn Neely adds, "The last time the S&P structure was this clear was early 2008, right before my boldest, most accurate prediction EVER!" (See the S&P Forecast released January 2008, below.)

Here is Glenn Neely's Monthly & Long-Term (1/2 Yearly) S&P Forecast, released to NEoWave Forecasting subscribers on April 5, 2020:
Download PDF

Download PDF

For comparison, here is Glenn Neely's  S&P Forecast released January 2008, predicting the crash of 2008-09:
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