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4/8/2020 - NEoWave Staff

THE GOAL IS PROFITABLE TRADING: Learn how to trade like a professional in the upcoming Neely River Trading Course

NOTE: We are sharing Glenn Neely's email, reflecting his epiphany after 25 years as an Elliott Wave / NEoWave forecasting expert. 

Nearly everyone assumes profitable trading is the direct result of accurate market forecasts.
Makes sense, right? I believed that for 25 years! 

In the real world, determining a market's trend is only 1/3 of a successful trading campaign.
You must learn how to control risk and, most important, manage positions (after entry) in a manner disconnected from forecasting. 

Want to become a successful trader?
My Neely River Trading course presents an IDEAL environment to see a professional analyze, enter, manage and exit positions.

In this real-time, live course, you will:
1. Learn how to objectively determine a market's trend (without forecasting)
2. Learn how to let the market dictate entry points (without forecasting)
3. Learn how to control risk on entry
4. Learn how to manage positions objectively AFTER entry (without forecasting)
5. Learn how to properly exit losing positions and hang onto profitable positions (without forecasting)
6. Learn how to achieve a better than 3-to-1 profit-to-loss ratio over time (without forecasting)


Contact Magelan (NEoWave's Sales Director), and he will provide details on the upcoming course.

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