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4/6/2020 - NEoWave Staff

"BEST NEWS IN 12 YEARS": View Glenn Neely's important market forecast

NOTE: On April 5, 2020, Glenn Neely released this enthusiastic update to his NEoWave Trading and Forecasting subscribers. We are sharing it here for anyone concerned about successful trading and Wave forecasting in this wild market environment.

"The last time the S&P structure was this clear was early 2008, right before my boldest, most accurate prediction EVER!"
(see below the S&P Forecast released January 2008)

"After 12 grueling years of counter-trend, corrective market rally, the S&P has FINALLY concluded wave-(D), which began at 2009's low! This is GREAT NEWS because, unlike the last decade, it means my ability to precisely predict market action will be enhanced the next 5-10 years! 

"We are entering a NEW market paradigm (starting with the massive stock market decline in March and quick-started by the emergence of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic) that will usher in the most dangerous, tumultuous trading conditions of the last decade! 

"Due to the perilous nature of this emerging new market environment, I've attached my most recent Long-term S&P Forecast. Please share this with your friends and family, so they are ready for what is coming."
APRIL 5, 2020
Download PDF

JANUARY 21, 2008
Download PDF

"Be careful, be safe and be smart!  Don't over risk and please DO NOT FALL for the END-OF-THE-WORLD nonsense being promoted all over the internet!  Prudently prepare for what's coming - subscribe to the NEoWave S&P Forecasting or Trading services using the link below."

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