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3/19/2019 - NEoWave Staff

Register now! Glenn Neely to present a live training series on his classic book, "Mastering Elliott Wave"

MASTERING ELLIOTT WAVE / Explained Chapter-by-Chapter
Glenn Neely's First-Ever, Step-by-Step Explanation of his Classic Book

Last week, Glenn Neely conducted a free webinar discussing Chapter 1 of his classic book, Mastering Elliott Wave. More than 100 people attended!  Due to strong international interest, Mr. Neely will continue these LIVE sessions by covering the next 11 chapters of Mastering Elliott Wave. No matter what your experience level, you can learn a great deal from this world-renowed Wave Theory expert!

This new, real-time education series will continue with Chapter 2 ("General Concepts") this Friday evening / Saturday morning, depending on your global location (class times are listed below). Each week, Mr. Neely will review the next chapter of his book and answer your questions. You get all this training and personal attention for only $195! We've never offered real-time education at such a low price!

Here's what you can do, right now:
1. Request a recording of the initial FREE session covering Chapter 1
2. Register for the 3-month webinar series -- "Introduction to Mastering Elliott Wave" -- presented live by Glenn Neely, for just $195
ACT NOW: Send an email to


Los Angeles - 6:30pm
New Orleans - 8:30pm
New York - 9:30pm


London - 1:30am
Paris - 2:30am
Moscow - 4:30am

Dubai - 5:30am
Mumbai - 7:00am
Bangkok - 8:30am
Hong Kong - 9:30am
Tokyo - 10:30am
Sydney - 12:30pm