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1/15/2019 - NEoWave Staff

NOW BOOKING: NEoWave's Neely River Professional Trading Course

Many have wanted to learn Neely River TRADING technology but the cost - until now - has been prohibitive ($12,000 for 3-months of one-on-one training). With our new 4-person online professional trading seminar, you can now get this essential training for just $2,900!

Here’s what you’ll learn in your REAL-TIME 3-month course: 
1. That the entire foundation of most trading systems is focused on the wrong thing
2. That the movement of price is the ONLY factor that matters in successful trading
3. There are only 3-types of trading possible (trend-following, bargain-hunting and top/bottom picking). To be truly successful as a trader you must master ALL 3 types, not just one
4. Reacting to markets, as opposed to forecasting them, will dramatically improve your results and reduce nervousness
5. How to properly scale into and out of positions
6. How to use OPTIONS to increase your odds of success and reduce risk
7. How to implement Money Management Rules to reduce loss and increase profits

Logistical notes for this 3-month course:
•    Each 1-hour class in this 12-week course is personally taught by NEELY RIVER creator and trading expert (and Elliott Wave expert) Glenn Neely
•    Each class is live and delivered online via live screen-sharing technology. 
•    Time is allocated during each class for your questions
•    This 4-person CLASS is only $2,900 US. (just 25% of what Mr. Neely normally charges for private training) 
•    A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot
•    This Class will be held on Thursdays at...9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 5:30pm London, 8:30pm Moscow, 11pm Mumbai, 4:30am Sydney

Participant prerequisites:
1.  You should have access to computer software or a charting service that plots market action on bar charts.
2.  While not essential, it is highly recommended you have (or get) Tradestation. In the 2nd and 3rd month of class, we will use our proprietary NEELY RIVER TRADING software (NRT - designed for Tradestation) to objectively guide trade entries, stop placement, stop movement and trade exits. 

Be the FIRST to JOIN our small-group NEELY RIVER PROFESSIONAL TRADING COURSE – space is limited to 4 students! Contact Magelan at  OR  call 1-800-636-9283, Ext. 1 (in USA)  OR  call 949-480-7401(outside USA).