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11/8/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Exciting news about the NEoWave Equity Fund: Glenn Neely is now the fund's largest investor!

Glenn Neely launched the NEoWave Equity Fund in June 2009. This is the first and only portfolio based on Mr. Neely's proprietary Neely River Trading Technologies and NEoWave Theory. Today, Mr. Neely released the following news to NEoWave customers:

Without doubt, 2018 has been the BEST year for NEoWave in a decade!
Our success has been the result of extremely high market predictability (which occurs near the beginning and end of major trends) AND our expansion into ALL U.S. markets (not just the 4 we used to follow). Furthermore, to enhance returns, we now write options premium against Long positions (which allows us to reduce risk and increase income during volatile or non-trendy markets) and buy Puts to LOCK-IN profits. 

These improvements to our investment strategy and capital preservation approach have made me so confident in our future success that, last month, I ADDED $300,000 of my own money. Consequently, I'm now the LARGEST investor in the NEoWave Equity Fund!

If you're already an investor, this is a great time to INCREASE your stake. If you're not part of the Fund, act now -- before the S&P begins its final mania phase and post-bull-market "crash."  

Based on clear long-term Wave structure, the next 3-4 year bear market should begin in early 2019 and begin with the largest, fastest decline in stocks we've seen since 2007! Capital PROTECTION will be the name-of-the-game in 2019.

For more information, contact Christine O'Neill (Financial Solutions Accounting) or Magelan (NEoWave):

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