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10/16/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Announcing NEoWave's "Advanced Wave Analysis Course" for Asia, India, Russia, and Australia

3-MONTHS of ADVANCED WAVE ANALYSIS classes for just $795 - Our Lowest Price EVER!
This 25-Person real-time course is specifically designed and scheduled for our Asian, Indian, Russian and Australian Clients

Demand for Glenn Neely's real-time, online NEoWave Forecasting & Analysis classes has been high!  His first-ever 25-person Group Class is almost sold out. Reserve your spot now to learn directly from the World's premiere Elliott Wave expert and innovator. 

Here’s what you’ll experience during your hands-on 3-month training:
1. Application of advanced Wave analysis techniques, based on logical NEoWave concepts, which produce more accurate forecasts and confidence in trading
2. NEoWave rules applied in real-time on real charts - you see results unfold each week
3. The NEoWave process to avoid multiple scenarios (i.e., no more contradictory bullish and bearish counts)
4. The 3 Core Elements of NEoWave, which make Wave labeling scientific and objective:
     - Logic (for example, strong corrections must yield powerful moves)
     - Self-defining Price/Time limits (i.e., smaller degree patterns cannot take more time or price than larger degree patterns)
     - Self-confirmation (the market’s post-pattern behavior decides whether your structural analysis was correct)

• Each 1-hour class (in your 12-week course) is personally taught by NEoWave founder and internationally recognized forecasting expert Glenn Neely
• Each class is delivered live using computer screen-sharing technology and VOiP (or conference call)
• Time is provided each week for questions and answers 
• Your NEoWave GROUP class is just $795 US - the lowest price ever offered - compare this to his private courses, which cost $12,000) - maximum 25 students
• Registration requires a $395 non-refundable deposit (if you cancel before class starts, your deposit can be used to subscribe to a NEoWave Trading service)

These Group Classes are scheduled for FRIDAYS or SATURDAYS at the following international times…
7:00 am Dubai
8:30 am Mumbai
11:00 am Singapore and Perth
12:00 pm Tokyo
1:00 pm (13:00) Sydney

Participant requirements:
1. You must have a basic working knowledge of orthodox Elliott Wave theory (this is NOT a beginners class)
2. While not essential, it’s recommended you get and read Mr. Neely’s book, Mastering Elliott Wave – especially the first 5 chapters. Click BELOW to purchase your hardcover copy now on Kindle, iBooks or from our hardcover publisher Windsor…

Reserve your NEoWave GROUP Training class TODAY – space is limited to just 25 students!
To start, email  or call our U.S. number  949-480-7401.