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10/13/2018 - NEoWave Staff

NEoWave's nearly perfect year of S&P forecasts continues!

On October 10, 2018, Glenn Neely -- Elliott Wave forecaster, trading advisor, and founder of NEoWave, Inc. -- emailed an update to NEoWave subscribers noting his 2018 forecasting track record for the S&P. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding." Here is Mr. Neely's letter, which lists proof of NEoWave's on-target Wave forecasting for the S&P:

My ability to forecast the S&P went from "dull" to INCREDIBLE starting February 2018!  Without doubt, this has been my BEST YEAR for S&P Forecasting in the last 10!  

Below is the proof...

PROOF #1 (Feb 12, 2018) -- Right after this year's "crash," my red-dashed projection line mapped out the S&P's expected price action for nearly the entire year.

PROOF #2 (Apr 23, 2018) -- The forecasting chart emailed to subscribers showed how precisely the S&P adhered to the highs and lows of that forecast on both a price and time basis. 

PROOF #3 (May 7, 2018) -- Right as the consolidation was coming to an end, I projected a strong, persistent advance back to this year's highs. 

PROOF #4 (Aug 13, 2018) -- The forecasting chart sent to NEoWave subscribers shows how the S&P followed the smaller green-dashed forecast line from May 7 and continues to track the longer-term orange-dashed forecast line, which is forecasting a break of 3,000 in the S&P later this year!

PROOF #5 (Sep 24, 2018) -- This week's forecasting update shows the S&P making its all-time new high (as long suspected) and is keeping up with its longer-term orange dashed forecast line. At this moment, the S&P was at an important short-term juncture. Price action in the next few days would decide if the less-bullish green-dashed scenario wins OR the more bullish larger orange-dashed scenario wins. Either way, the S&P would remain in an overall uptrend into late 2018 or early 2019. 

PROOF #6 (Oct 10, 2018) -- On Monday morning, I requoted my prior week's forecast on the S&P ( "...a sizeable, multi-week reaction will begin before mid October"). In the same update, I stated "...wave-d must drop below the top of wave-a..." The S&P topped in September -- right after it reached its minimum price target and slightly surpassed its ideal time target -- and today it dropped below wave-a's high (per the green-dashed line on the chart). The MASSIVE decline in the S&P on October 10th is more proof of how accurate my Wave counts have been ALL YEAR!

Such a precise series of forecasts tells us a VERY important thing -- that MAJOR PATTERNS are coming to an end on multiple time frames (monthly, weekly and daily). Just like in 1987 (before the crash), in 2000 (before the crash) and in 2008 (before the crash), Wave structure is now so clear that it is allowing me to predict with a level of precision not possible for nearly a decade. THIS IS NOT A FLUKE. Based on the position of long-term Wave structure, my ability to forecast accurately should continue for YEARS going forward. 

The next 6-12 months are expected to be the most exciting and profitable NEoWave has encountered since the incredible periods of 2000-2002 and 2008-09. You do NOT want to miss what is coming. Act now to get your S&P Forecasting service. Simply click on the link below...