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7/8/2018 - NEoWave Staff

Urgent message from Glenn Neely: "Precise Wave forecasts are again possible. In the next 6 months, US stock market should enter the final phase of its 10-year Bull market."

Today, NEoWave founder Glenn Neely sent the following urgent message to NEoWave subscribers (along with forecasting charts illustrating his 5 key points). We are sharing his message here, in this public forum, so all trading professionals and Elliott Wave forecasting enthusiasts can benefit from Mr. Neely's keen insight. 

Precise Wave forecasts are again possible. Not since January 2008 -- when I accurately predicted the devastating 2008-09 stock market crash -- has Wave structure been this clear. That clarity is allowing me to make my most precise forecasts in years!

1. The Feb. 12 NEoWave report / right after this year’s “crash”, I mapped out ALL price action for the next few months!
2. The April 23 NEoWave report / you can see how the original Feb 12 projection NAILED every high and low that followed!
3. The May 7 NEoWave report / “zooms in” on structure and projects a strong rally to come (see blue dashed line)!
4. The June 14 NEoWave report / in this special report, the blue dashed line (from the May 7 update) shows how well the market followed expectations. In the same update, I projected the next 1-2 months of price action in red.
5. The July 2 NEoWave report / in the most recent update, you can see how well the S&P is following the prior month's red-dashed projection line.

Due to MAJOR trends coming to an end, and the incredibly high forecasting accuracy such conditions allow, THIS IS THE BEST TIME IN THE LAST 10 YEARS to be a NEOWAVE SUBSCRIBER!

In the next 6 months, the U.S. stock market should enter the FINAL PHASE of its 10-year bull market. You do not want to miss the excitement and money-making opportunities that will unfold the rest of this year!

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