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4/26/2022 - NEoWave Staff

RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW: Advanced Wave Analysis course, starting June 2, 2022


GOOD NEWS: Wave structure and market predictability have been improving over the last few months, which makes this a GREAT PERIOD to learn advanced Elliott Wave concepts and improve your NEoWave analytical skills.

Learn to create your own, highly-accurate price/time forecasts! Witness the step-by-step process, introduced in Mastering Elliott Wave, applied in real-time. Each week, Glenn Neely will show you how to construct the most logical, accurate Wave counts and forecasts on the S&P 500, Gold, T-Notes and Euro currency.

These are not cherry-picked scenarios (like you get at seminars) but real charts analyzed in real time. No one else does this because it's too risky, but Glenn Neely is unique in the analytical world, which is why he has been frequently recognized as a TOP TIMER by "Timer Digest."

Enroll in Glenn Neely's popular Advanced Wave Analysis course and you will DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your forecasting skills.

  • Stop producing contradictory bearish and bullish scenarios.
  • Improve your market predictions, with analysis that yields real-world trading profits.
  • Become a better forecaster – and a better trader.

Class starts June 2, 2022


Here’s what you’ll learn in your 12-week course:

  1. Advanced Wave analysis techniques based on logical, objective concepts that result in more accurate forecasts and profitable trades
  2. How to apply Elliott Wave and NEoWave concepts to real-time price charts
  3. How to avoid multiple, contradictory scenarios
  4. The 3 Core Elements of NEoWave:
    • Logic – strong corrections must yield powerful moves
    • Self-defining price and time limits – a smaller degree pattern cannot take more time and price than a larger degree pattern
    • Self-confirmation – a market’s post-pattern behavior determines whether your prior structural analysis was correct

Important details for this live, online course:

  • This is a 12-week course
  • The 1-hour class is held every week
  • Only $995
  • Nonrefundable deposit of $295
  • Large group (limit 24 students)
  • These live webinars are recorded for your future listening
  • There is time to ask questions each week

Prerequisites for NEoWave's Advanced Wave Analysis Course:

  • Have a basic working knowledge of orthodox Elliott Wave theory.
  • While not essential, it's recommended you read Mr. Neely's book, Mastering Elliott Wave - especially the first 5 chapters. Click HERE to purchase your hardcover copy, Kindle edition, or iBooks edition.
  • Though not required, it's highly recommended you purchase and watch the 12-Week Introduction to Wave Theory video course. A recording of the course is available for purchase. Click HERE to purchase the video series for only $59.
  • You must have Microsoft Excel for Mac or PC (version 2011 or higher).

Why sign up for the live, online 12-week course?

There are a LOT of great reasons. First and foremost, you'll learn NEoWave's advanced metholodogy directly from Glenn Neely. You'll learn to apply NEoWave concepts on real-time price charts. And you'll be empowered to create forecasts that are significantly more accurate.

Here's what some of our students say...

"Glenn, I think you are a genius when it comes to Wave counts. I've been a very successful investor using Wave theory, and a lot of my knowledge comes from you. I apply it to small cap stocks and have made a fortune."
Gary L., United States
"Mr. Neely, thanks to your concept of Wave theory, I was able to call the bottom of the Indian market and play the entire bull market. I made a small fortune, and it has served me well ever since."
Vinit B., India
"Glenn, you are the best and my most admired analyst/technician. Your insights and visions are clear and based on sound fundamentals and logic - and are always so accurate."
Tim W., United States



Advanced Wave Analysis Course

Classes begin June 2, 2022


$995 for the large-group 12-Week course. To reserve your spot, complete the Contact Form and Magelan (NEoWave Customer Service) will provide details on this LIVE course and complete your enrollment process.

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