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10/4/2021 - NEoWave Staff

WHY TRADE OPTIONS? Glenn Neely explains the 4 advantages

Recently, NEoWave founder and trading advisor Glenn Neely sent an email to NEoWave customers, sharing a bit of wisdom and explaining his strategic choice to trade Options. We are sharing these pearls of wisdom here, so everyone can benefit from Mr. Neely's advice!

From the desk of NEoWave founder, Glenn Neely

A NEoWave customer asked these 2 questions:

"Why do you trade Options instead of simply buying stock?"

"If you're going to trade Options, why employ complex strategies like spreads instead of just buying Calls?"

Here's why I trade Options...

Options can substantially increase your odds of profitable trading. It's very important to understand why I transitioned from Futures to Options.

Here are my 4 reasons for making the transition:

1. It costs less to buy an Option (which represents 100 shares of stock) than to own 100 shares of stock.

2. That lower cost provides leverage (a $90 strike Call on a $100 stock will cost about $1,000 to buy as opposed to $10,000 to acquire 100 shares) similar to Futures trading without the same risk exposure.

3. When you create Option spreads (Shorting a Call against a Long Call), you collect premium from the passage of time! This is akin to collecting rent on an apartment building each month.

4. Finally, Option spreads reduce the cost of your investment by 25% - 35% while simultaneously increasing the odds of a profitable outcome by 100% to 200%!

The above 4 reasons are why I left Futures markets.
Options provide advantages NO other investment vehicle can offer!

Glenn Neely
NEoWave, Inc.

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