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10/26/2020 - NEoWave Staff

BOOKING NOW: Advanced Wave Analysis course - Your key to predicting current (and wild) markets

How do you predict "rollercoaster" markets?
Under the best of circumstances, Wave analysis is challenging. But this year is exponentially more difficult! This year's markets are like a thrilling rollercoaster ride: soaring UP, tumbling DOWN, skyrocketing UP, plummeting DOWN.

Given the wild markets, are your Elliott Wave forecasts missing the mark?
  • Do you produce contradictory bearish and bullish scenarios?
  • Do you want to improve your market predictions, with analysis that yields real-world trading profits? 
  • Do you want to become a better forecaster – and a better trader?
Here's your "ticket" to master rollercoaster markets:
Learn to create more accurate forecasts – without contradictory scenarios!

BOOKING NOW for the next Advanced Wave Analysis Course.
This 12-week course starts November 13, 2020.

NEoWave's Advanced Wave Analsysis Course is personally taught by Top S&P Timer Glenn Neely. 
This LIVE, 12-week course is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to figure out what the markets are going to do next! Founder of NEoWave and creator of advanced NEoWave concepts, Glenn Neely's LIVE online course walks you through advanced market analysis applied in REAL TIME. Each week, see how Mr. Neely's analysis and forecasts worked out and learn from his expertise. At the end of each class, you'll have time to ask questions. Most important, you'll learn how to stop making the fatal analytical errors that cause you to constantly revamp your Wave counts. 

Important details for this LIVE, online course:
  • Large group (limit 24 students)
  • 12-week course
  • 6pm-7pm PST (1 hour)
  • Only $995
  • Nonrefundable deposit of $295
  • These live webinars are recorded for your future listening
  • There is time to ask questions each week
Here’s what you’ll learn in your 12-week course: 
1. Advanced Wave analysis techniques based on logical, objective concepts that result in more accurate forecasts and profitable trades
2. How to apply Elliott Wave and NEoWave concepts to real-time price charts
3. How to avoid multiple, contradictory scenarios
4. The 3 Core Elements of NEoWave:
    o Logic – strong corrections must yield powerful moves
    o Self-defining price and time limits – a smaller degree pattern cannot take more time and price than a larger degree pattern
    o Self-confirmation – a market’s post-pattern behavior determines whether your prior structural analysis was correct

You will SUBSTANTIALLY IMPROVE your Wave forecasting skills.
In this 12-week course, you'll get personalized training in the privacy of your home or office. These are not cherry-picked scenarios (like you get at seminars) but real charts analyzed in real time. No one else does this because it's too risky, but Glenn Neely is unique in the analytical world, which is why he is often recorgnized as a TOP S&P TIMER by "Timer Digest."

BOOKING NOW for the next Advanced Wave Analysis Course.
This 12-week course starts November 13, 2020.

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