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7/1/2020 - NEoWave Staff

You can get Tradestation for only $50 a year!

Glenn Neely - NEoWave founder, advanced Elliott Wave forecaster, and trading advisor - recently shared this email with his customers (subscribers of NEoWave's Trading and Forecasting services). We are sharing this information here as a service to all our readers. 

Tradestation used to be expensive - not anymore!

"In the last year, I've discovered Tradestation has a new program offering non-professionals an account for just $50/year!  As a professional, I spend 5 times that much per month!  So, this is an INCREDIBLE deal for the public!

"For those who have wanted access to Tradestation's simplified, fully integrated charting, trading, brokerage and options systems, NOW is the time to act. If you've had interest in using NEELY RIVER TRADING software (designed for Tradestation), this new offer makes that VERY AFFORDABLE.

"If you've been hesitant in the past to upgrade to TradeStation (due to the previous high cost), those days are OVER. Below is the exact information my account execuive, Corey Andrews, sent to me regarding these new, SUPER LOW-COST TRADESTATION accounts. You can contact him directly to find out more."


US domestic and International clients alike can benefit from the $500 funding and $50 ANNUAL fee.

Equities accounts include - Free Software and non-professional Level 1 data: AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, & OPRA
Futures accounts include - Free Software and non-professional Level 1 data: CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX

Corey Andrews | Sr. Account Executive | TradeStation 
8050 S.W. 10th Street, Suite 2000, Plantation, FL 33324
Direct: 888.565.0431| Fax: 954.652.5435 | UK Phone 0808.234.1049 x 7435

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