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7/1/2020 - NEoWave Staff

Orthodox Elliott Wave has failed us for decades

In this must-read explanation, you'll see why orthodox Elliott Wave has failed us for more than 3 decades AND find out how you can learn NEoWave's "secrets" to accurate forecasting (Advanced Wave Analysis Course starts July 24, 2020).

1988: With the Dow at 1900, the orthodox Elliott Wave crowd was practically predicting Armageddon.
At the time, a relatively unknown new forecaster (Glenn Neely) had just published an article in CYCLES magazine in which he proclaimed "the crash low of 1987 will never be broken for the rest of my life." Mr. Neely remembers Elliott Wave "mega bears" going "berserk." They nationally ridiculed and chastised him! Now, 33 years later, using his advanced NEoWave technology, Glenn Neely is the ONLY Wave-theory-based analyst in the world who got it right!

2020: The doom-and-gloom orthodox Elliott Wave camp is once again calling for "the end of the world"
Right now, most Elliott Wave analysts are warning that the USA is embarking on a destructive path worse than the 1929 Great Depression. Similar to 1988's scenario, on April 5, 2020, Glenn Neely proclaimed THE BEAR MARKET LOW IS IN and will recover above this year's high in the next few months! The Dow has rallied more than 9,366 points since March's low! 

LEARN TO GO BEYOND Elliot Wave. ADVANCED NEOWAVE is what you need.

Isn't it time you learned the proper way to produce accurate, reliable Wave counts and how to project future price action? Each week, you get to see Mr. Neely's forecasts pan-out in real-time. You'll learn directly from Mr. Neely and learn from his 4 decades of experience. You get to ask questions and - most important - learn how to avoid the fatal errors most people make in their Wave counts. 

This 12-week course starts July 24, 2020  -  Just $995

Here’s what you’ll learn in your 12-week course: 
  1. Advanced Wave analysis techniques based on logical, objective concepts that result in more accurate forecasts and profitable trades
  2. How to apply Elliott Wave and NEoWave concepts to real-time price charts
  3. How to avoid multiple, contradictory scenarios
  4. The 3 Core Elements of NEoWave:
    • Logic – strong corrections must yield powerful moves
    • Self-defining price and time limits – a smaller degree pattern cannot take more time and price than a larger degree pattern
    • Self-confirmation – a market’s post-pattern behavior determines whether your prior structural analysis was correct

Details about this live online course, personally taught by Glenn Neely:
  • Each 1-hour class in this 12-week course is personally taught by NEoWave founder and forecasting expert Glenn Neely
  • These live webinars are recorded for your future listening
  • Time to ask questions each week
  • Classes held Saturday Mornings in Asia and Australia
  • Classes held Friday Evenings in America and Europe
This 12-week course starts July 24, 2020  -  Just $995

Take a peek of a previously recorded class!
Hear Mr. Neely discuss and answer a wide variety of wave analysis questions in this 90-minute video.
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Here are additional details, provided by NEoWave's Customer Support Representative:
  1. The focus of this class is taking the information presented in Glenn Neely's book, Mastering Elliott Wave, and applying the concepts to real-time charts (any charts / markets you want to follow).
  2. Mr. Neely does not go through the concepts in any particular order, but simply addressed as required during class as they apply to each specific market situation.
  3. The majority of Wave Theory enthusiasts apply MANY rules wrong or simply forget many of the rules required for good Wave analysis. Most people just don't realize how many concepts must be considered every time a Wave count is put together. So, Mr. Neely will be there to make sure you make NO mistakes in your logic, your rules, and your labeling -- and ensure you understand how to TEST patterns to make sure you are not depending on opinion but, instead, depend on logic and a rigid set of rules.
  4. This class will DRAMATICALLY improve your Wave counting abilities over the 3 months of class. You will NEVER look at Wave analysis in the simplistic way that the public does, which means your counts consistently will be more likely to be right than the majority of people.
  5. You will immediately recognize the absurdity of bad Wave counts (which are everywhere) and will stop depending on other analysts to guide you. Instead, you will immediately be able to recognize illogical Wave counts, so you can drop them as possibilities.
  6. In the end, your improved ability to count Waves and project market direction and movement will mean enhanced trading and reduction in losses.

This 12-week course starts July 24, 2020  -  Just $995
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