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5/12/2020 - NEoWave Staff

BOOKING NOW: Neely River Trading LIVE 12-week course (starts June 12, 2020)

Master the skills of a professional trader in the upcoming Neely River Trading LIVE 12-week course. 
NEoWave's Glenn Neely often says, "Forecasts don't make money - effective trading techniques make money." Neely River Trading is a comprehensive trading technology that, unlike Wave theory, focuses on trading behavior and risk management techniques rather than forecasting. As a result, you'll find this strategic approach fundamentally alters your perspective on markets AND your ability to improve your bottom line.

In this real-time, LIVE course personally taught by NEoWave's Glenn Neely, you will learn how to:
  1. Objectively determine a market's trend (without forecasting)
  2. Let the market dictate entry points (without forecasting)
  3. Control risk on entry
  4. Manage positions objectively AFTER entry (without forecasting)
  5. Properly exit losing positions and hang onto profitable positions (without forecasting)
  6. Achieve a better than 3-to-1 profit-to-loss ratio over time (without forecasting)

The Neely River Trading course - coupled with our companion TradeStation software - will substantially reduce the time required to plan your market strategies. 
The course fee includes specially designed Neely River Trading software created for TradeStation (valued at $2000), which automatically calculates, plots, and draws all decision-based information. This leaves you free to focus on what's important: PROFITABLE TRADING.

These LIVE classes begin JUNE 12, 2020
Large-Group Class: US $995
9:30am - 10:30am PDT
12 weeks, 1 hour per week

BOOK NOW! Neely River Trading 12-week course
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Here's what you get in this LIVE 12-week trading course:
  • First month - Glenn Neely will reveal an entirely new way of thinking about markets and the forces that drive them. You'll learn about the three types of traders: top and bottom pickers, bargain hunters, and trend followers. Unlike the majority of trading "systems" that try to force the market to fit your particular trading style, with Neely River you'll discover how to track the three types of traders, determine which group is in charge, and then adjust your own trading style to current market conditions.
  • Second month - The focus is on the trading process. You'll learn how to take specific actions to control risk (enter orders, place stops, move stops, exit positions) based on the group of traders in charge of the current trend. You'll discover how to adjust your strategy based on current facts, rather than future forecasts.
  • Third month - You'll experience real-time, hands-on trading (in your own account) using Neely River trading technology, with Glenn Neely guiding your every step.

BOOK NOW! Neely River Trading 12-week course
Contact Magelan (NEoWave's Sales Director) for details on this LIVE course, personally taught by Glenn Neely.
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These LIVE classes begin JUNE 12, 2020
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Some people wonder: "Is the Neely River Trading course worthwhile?" 

Glenn Neely addresses this question, as he reflects upon his epiphany after 30+ years as an Elliott Wave / NEoWave forecasting expert:
"Nearly everyone assumes profitable trading is the direct result of accurate market forecasts. Makes sense, right? I believed that for 25 years! In the real world, determining a market's trend is only 1/3 of a successful trading campaign. You must learn how to control risk and, most important, manage positions (after entry) in a manner disconnected from forecasting. Do you want to become a successful trader? My Neely River Trading course presents an IDEAL environment to see a professional analyze, enter, manage, and exit positions." - Glenn Neely

Here's what students say about the LIVE Neely River Trading course: 
  • "Things are going great since my Neely River Trading course. I'm on pace for about a 38% annualized rate of return. Plus, Neely River has provided the easiest, least stressful trading I've done in my life."
  • "I have been using Neely River Trading, and the results have been amazing. The losses/drawdowns have become less in both number and value, and the profits are inching up."
  • "I've done some trading using your Neely River Trading software program, and it's been fantastic. I've made trades I never would have normally made, and I have made money, thanks to you. I have a trading tool that gives me a great deal of confidence in the market."
  • "This course has been incredibly useful and a revelation for me."

BOOK NOW! Neely River Trading 12-week course
Contact Magelan (NEoWave's Sales Director) for details on this LIVE course, personally taught by Glenn Neely.
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These LIVE classes begin JUNE 12, 2020. 
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