Q&A: NEoWave Equity Fund

Investors, traders, and industry professionals invest in the NEoWave Equity Fund for a variety of reasons. Clearly, capital appreciation is a common goal. In addition, Fund investors analyze risk, potential returns, investment period, and frequency of trading.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about the NEoWave Equity Fund. To learn more about NEoWave money management, write or email Christine at: Chris@Financial-Solution.net, 949-484-7085.

What trading methodologies does the NEoWave Equity Fund implement?

The NEoWave Equity Fund, managed by Glenn Neely, uses NEoWave analysis together with Neely River trading technology to enter, manage, and close trades.

The NEoWave Equity Fund focuses on longer-term trading opportunities. By its nature, this avoids "short-termism" and ignores market "noise." In fact, short-term trades often are passed over in preference for the long-term trends, which are usually more profitable.

Keep in mind that markets make substantial moves during long-term timeframes. Therefore, investors realize that investing in this fund is a longer-term financial proposition. The long-term outlook – with a strong emphasis on capital preservation – means that patience is the name of the game, with rewarding outcomes.

Why choose to invest in the NEoWave Equity Fund?

The ETF-based, long-term NEoWave Equity Fund is a great match for traders, investors, and industry professionals who are:

  1. Looking for long-term capital growth with a 5-year (or more) threshold – Remember that gains tend to come in sharp bursts every 3 or 4 years.
  2. Want a hedge against non-liquid assets – Being invested in a long-term fund affords the potential of large gains when major assets are falling (for example, property values).
  3. Also want a hedge against their other investment activities – Often in "long only" investments, the NEoWave Equity Fund offers the valuable addition to take short positions when many investments are held in a cash status.

Do professional traders invest in the NEoWave Equity Fund?

Yes, many investors are professional traders. While it may take years to master their own trading style – and realize positive results – they also hold other investments that achieve gains.

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